How to Use a Metered Dose Inhaler

A metered dose inhaler (MDI), also known as an aerosol inhaler or puffer, is a mechanism for delivering medicine directly into the lungs. Here’s how to use metered dose inhaler.

  1. Attach an MDI to a spacer (except for Amzcort and Maxair).
  2. Shake MDI.
  3. Prior to using your inhaler, exhale normally.
  4. Place mouth on spacer and make a tight seal
  5. As you begin to breathe in, press the inhaler and continue to breathe in SLOW and DEEP for 5 seconds.
  6. Hold your breath for a count of 8 or as long as you comfortably can and exhale.
  7. Wait one minute, and then repeat.

Bronchodilator inhalers should always be taken first before and other inhalers. Wait 5 minutes and the repeat.

Spacing devices should be used with all inhaled medications (excepts Maxair autohaler and Azmacort, which comes with its own attached spacing device). Devices available include flex tube, aerochamber (mask available for pediatric patients), Inspirease (for pediatric or elderly patients), Microspacer, Elipse spacer, Optihaler, Ace spacer, Brethancer and E-Z Spacer.

For a video of how to use a metered dose inhaler, watch the video below.

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