How to Use a Maxair Inhaler

  1. Remove mouthpiece cover. Locate the “up” arrows. Locate airvents at bottom.
  2. Hold Maxair autohaler upright with arrows pointing up. Raise lever up and snap into place (Maxair autohaler must be upright when lever is raised.)
  3. Hold Maxair autohaler around the middle part and shake gently several times.
  4. Continue holding the canister upright without blocking the airvents. Exhale normally.
  5. Make a tight seal with lips around mouthpiece and inhale deeply with moderate force. (You will hear a “click” and feel a soft puff.) Your inhaling triggers the release of the medication. Continue taking a full, deep breath. Remove autohaler from mouth and hold breath for a count of 8 or as long as you comfortably can and exhale.
  6. Continue to hold autohaler upright while lowering lever. Lever has to be lowered after each puff. Wait 1 minute and repeat.
  7. After use, replace mouthpiece cover and check to see that the lever is in down position.

For a video of how to use the Maxair Autohaler, watch the video below

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